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11th December 2005 - B R F W T

1stR Hall13lb 12oz
2ndJ Ward8lb 4oz
3rdD Hoffman5lb 0oz

4th December 2005 - Shawfields - Frank Herridge Trophy

1stJ Ward6lb 12oz
2ndD Hoffman4lb 10oz
3rdT Carey3lb 12oz

20th November 2006 - River Whitewater - Brigdon Mayor Cup

1stR Hall12lb 12oz
2ndD Hoffman6lb 12oz
3rdJ Ward4lb 12oz

3rd July 2005 - Willow Park

1stT Medlicot38lb 12oz
2ndF Hinkley22lb 6oz
3rdA Davis19lb 6oz
4thL Cooksir18lb 4oz

19th June 2005 - Hollybush Pit One

1stB Mc Cambridge16lb 8oz
2ndR Hall7lb 8oz
3rdF Hinkley4lb 8oz
4thT Moore3lb 8oz

12th June 2005 - Henley Park

1stDan Carey46lb 10oz2
2ndAndy Davis33lb 9oz
3rdSteve Laror25lb 13oz
4thDave florey23lb 12oz

17th May 2005 - Tuesday Night League

1stDan Careypeg 3522lb 8oz
2ndTom Careypeg 719lb 4oz
3rdDavid Hoffmanpeg 2614lb 0oz

15th May 2005 - Farnborough v Farnham at Bowsaws & Billhooks

Billhooks Lake

1stJ GreenFarnborough22lb 7oz
2ndS LargeFarnborough20lb 10oz
3rdR GallagherFarnham19lb 2oz

Bowsaws Lake

1stL CookseyFarnborough30lb 14oz
2ndD CareyFarnborough24lb 6oz
3rdG RiceFarnham23lb 7oz

10th May 2005 - Tuesday Night League

1stDavid Hoffmanpeg 930lb 8oz
2ndDan Careypeg 2522lb 4oz
3rdAndy Davispeg 2816lb 2oz

3rd May 2005 - Tuesday Night League

1stDan Careypeg 1250lb 0oz
2ndTony Moorepeg 3136lb 4oz
3rdAndy Davispeg 3227lb 12oz

26th April 2005 - Tuesday Night League

1stJohn GreenPeg 2319lb 12oz
2ndDan Careypeg 119lb 6oz
3rdDavid Floreypeg 3112lb 7oz

17th April 2005 - Fleet Lions Open Charity Match

1stBob Lane19lb 8oz
2ndRob Hall17lb 3oz
3rdDan Carey8lb 12oz
4thTom Carey6lb 4oz