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2012 work parties Notes on the 2012 work parties
Lucky Lucky, a fishy story?

Work parties 2012

It's early 2012 and a small band of members have been busy on behalf of the membership in tidying up around the lakes at Shawfields.

Below are a few photographs to enlighten, and hopefully encourage you to join in with the work that is essential to maintain and sometimes improve your fishing experience.


As you go through the gate the track goes up to the left. The mound ahead hides the big lake.
After the removal of a lot of clutter we have a new peg 1
Peg 3 which was peg 2 last year
Looking towards pegs 4 - 8
On the small lake the big willow has been cleaned up.
A couple of Yokels giving it all they've got.

The improvements as you enter the complex are brilliant. They have been completed by a very small group of about half a dozen very dedicated members.

The work parties are finished for 2012, though if you are interested in helping out then you can turn up any time and carry out general tidying up. If you want further information you can always contact Dave at info@fadas.org.